MercuryChaos (mercurychaos) wrote in royalewcheese,

I'm new here.

I've been in Germany for one month; I'm studying German at the Goethe Institut in Schwäbisch Hall. What I want to know from everyone (German, American, British, or whatever you are) is this:

What is your opinion on mullets?

I am asking this because in the one month that I have been in Schwäbisch Hall, I have seen more guys wearing mullets than I ever have in my entire life in America. And I'm from a little redneck suburb of Dallas, Texas, so that's saying something.
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I am British. Mullets are lolztacular, and you need to find the lesbian part of town to see the best examples. German lesbians have the most amazing mullets I have ever, ever seen. RUN, FIND THEM!
Mullets are very terrible, and I see them as a sign to avoid such a person. I also hate trendy tattoos and facial piercings.
I'm pretty sure it's the most awful hairstyle ever invented... but the young men of Schwäbisch Hall do not seem to agree with me.

Every time I see one I want to yank on it and run away. ^_^
You know, I also hate people that walk around with those bluetooth ear assemblies on their heads. I always want to yank those out and stomp on them.
They are taking instruction from our betters.
I'm German. And mullets are simply unspeakable. They were and always will be.

The guys I've seen around here don't seem to have gotten the memo.
Being a fellow Southerner (Mississippi) with extended family members that are, shall we say, prime examples of the Redneck stereotype...I have seen my fair share of mullets as well.

They make me want to sneak into people's houses and shave their heads while they sleep. The only thing more irritating to me hair-wise is the rat tail.
I've seen some kids walking around with those, too. And when I say "kids" I don't just mean teenagers... I mean little kids. This leaves me wondering what sort of parent would inflict such an ugly hairstyle on their own children. o_o;
Parents who insist on torturing their children is such a way need to be punished. You would think that they would realize that people are going to laugh at those kids. >.> It's like naming your kid Pilot Inspektor...being mocked is just GOING to happen.
...I have a cat with the only good mullet I have ever seen, and I tell him that often...
See, that's what we Germans are famous for. Great sense of humour and cutting-edge haircuts.
Monika Harms, Generalbundesanwältin (roughly: German Attorney General)
I saw her on TV last night. I know she said something but I'm afraid her hair distracted me... even my husband noticed that something just looked wrong there.
Surreal moments, huh?
Mullets are white trash in a haircut. Mullets keep subtlety several state lines away.
I'm from Southern California, and in my opinion mullets are one of the trashiest hairstyles you can have.
Btw, guys, collective disgust at a particular fashion feature is usually a sure sign for it to become the trend of the next season...
I relaize this is a rather old post, but just wanted to say hi. I hate mullets and am from Dallas as well! I went to high school in Richardson (Richardson High School)

I was a German and Music major in college and I studied abroad in Wien, I saw that you were in Wien on your profile.

anyhow, just wanted to say hi to a somewhat like-minded person :)
Awesome! :D I'm here on the Central College program and am staying until June.
cool! how fun! I was there with the IES program, which located right off Kaertnerstrasse. I will return someday!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with mullets. They're stylish and expressive, and most handsome as well. The vandals say it best:
AHAHAHAHAHAH i'm an american & i saw SO MANY mullets when i was in germany for the summer!! & when they didn't have full mullets, they had rattails! oh, europe ...