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Bavarian Christmas traditions...?

Hey there. I'm American, and I'm going to be spending about three months in Germany working as an au pair... for a dog. Ha ha. No kidding. Sounds crazy, I know, but I got the opportunity and couldn't resist a chance to live in Germany for a bit, kooky as the circumstances may be!

I will be in Ampermoching, which is near Munich, and I'm very excited because I'll be arriving on Dec. 21st, which means I'll get to have a Bavarian Christmas. :D (It will be weird being away from my family for the holidays, but an American friend of mine also works for my employers, so I won't be totally alone.) So my question is, what German Christmas things will I see and experience?

(I have a feeling I'm going to be buying tons of tree decorations to take home. Once in a while I find German-made ornaments in the US, and they are always unusual and hilarious... my personal favorite is my butcher holding a tray with a severed pigs head on it, ha ha ha.)

I love seeing what people in other cultures do, so tell me all about it, specifically if there are any Bavarian traditions I should know about. Please and thank you! :D
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